Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sthenolagnia - Female Muscle Growth

So what is Sthenolagnia you ask?

Sthenolagnia is a fetish characterizing those who derive sexual arousal from muscularity, or demonstrations of strength. This fetish occurs in both men and women, but its primary focus is on muscular women.

Sthenolagnia, and its subset of Female Muscle Growth (FMG) is a fetish that involves muscular growth of a woman. Most Female muscle growth fetishists are very attracted to female bodybuilders. FMG fans often have fantasies that go beyond the admiration of muscular women. They are often very aroused by images or video depicting women who’s muscles grow at unnatural rates. Many fantasies include the concept of a woman’s muscles growing in size with her level of arousal, or seeing her "Hulk Out".

Much of the erotica associated with this fetish involve manipulated images, video, and animated gifs depicting a woman’s muscles growing or expanding. The most common body parts erotisized with this fetish are the biceps and breasts.

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