Monday, June 24, 2013

Phone Sex & Muscle Talk with a Female Bodybuilder

Big bulging biceps, thick pecs, washboard abs, bowling ball glutes, tree trunks for quads and diamond cut calves framed by a thick muscular back that's so wide it can cast a shadow over you...

Since I just describe the woman of your dreams, now you need to call the woman of your dreams and talk to me!

I want you to open up, and unleash all your female muscle fantasies, as I will help you explore your love and desire for muscular women! From erotic, sexy muscle talk as I describe my overly built body, all my big beefy girl muscles posing and flexing for you as your mind explores the passion with me, a muscle goddess!

Get intimate with me, my body erupting with power, lust and passion... Sexy and sensual muscle ready for you to explore!

Let me describe every inch of my rock hard body as I tell you how big and muscular it is and how I still want more...

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