Saturday, April 6, 2013

Big Muscles and Tits Ripping my Shirt!

Bodybuilding has made me feel like a complete goddess, I feel sexy, strong and confident. I am not afraid to show off my body, and I love it when clothes don't fit and I can rip out of them. I love the feeling of my big muscles and big DD tits stretching the fabric, seams and buttons of the clothes I'm wearing stretching around my thick muscular body and big tits untill I feel relief as my muscles finally win the battle and shred my clothing apart.

So do you want to see my big muscular pecs and tits erupting from a tight little blouse? Watch as my chest rips my shirt open? Then purchase this photo set on TalkToMe and view a sequence of photos as I shred my top open and rip it off! Big Muscles, Big Tits and my Rock Hard Nipples!

Here's a preview photo:

My muscles and tits about to rip my shirt

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