Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Power of a Female Bodybuilder

Have you ever been out in public, shopping at the mall or the grocery store, out to dinner, or maybe you were at the beach, etc, and seen a female bodybuilder? You couldn't take your eyes off of her magnificently muscular body, could you?

I am thoroughly aware of the power I possess when I am out in public, my huge muscles on display, stretching my clothing, my big beefy girl muscles, covered in thick veins, flexing as I go about my personal business, all of my big sexy body in broad daylight for everyone to see. I love the stares and the whispers, and the reactions I receive from it all.

I love being huge and muscular, and I'm comfortable wearing little to nothing, weather it's a skin tight dress that's hugging my overly built boddy, or at the beach wearing the tinyest of string bikinis. I am comfortable taking my clothes off in public, I can undress in a room full of lights with eyes on me and not give a damn. I have no problem walking around my house naked, and don't feel the need to grab a towel or a robe to cover my musclebound body.

I love sharing my experiences with others, and I'd love to tell you about these experiences, and what it's like being different in a world where muscular built women are not the social norm to many!

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