Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sexy & Sensual Female Muscle Phone Sex

Do big muscular female bodybuilders flexing and posing turn you on? When yu are turned on and laying around, stroking your cock, do you fantasise about big beefy musclebound women? Have you ever called a phone sex line and been dissapointed because the girl you are speaking with doesn't understand your female muscle fantasy and desires?

If that is the case, call me. I am that strong, muscular and powerful woman you crave and desire! Talk with a real female bodybuilder who understands your desires and loves muscle more than you do!

Let me tell you what your mind is fantasising about, running your hands and lips all over my pumped up musclebound boddy! Kissing and caressing my muscular body, tracing all the huge veins that are criss crossing all over my huge muscles, and getting intimate with you and my body glistening with passionate sweat!

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Power of a Female Bodybuilder

Have you ever been out in public, shopping at the mall or the grocery store, out to dinner, or maybe you were at the beach, etc, and seen a female bodybuilder? You couldn't take your eyes off of her magnificently muscular body, could you?

I am thoroughly aware of the power I possess when I am out in public, my huge muscles on display, stretching my clothing, my big beefy girl muscles, covered in thick veins, flexing as I go about my personal business, all of my big sexy body in broad daylight for everyone to see. I love the stares and the whispers, and the reactions I receive from it all.

I love being huge and muscular, and I'm comfortable wearing little to nothing, weather it's a skin tight dress that's hugging my overly built boddy, or at the beach wearing the tinyest of string bikinis. I am comfortable taking my clothes off in public, I can undress in a room full of lights with eyes on me and not give a damn. I have no problem walking around my house naked, and don't feel the need to grab a towel or a robe to cover my musclebound body.

I love sharing my experiences with others, and I'd love to tell you about these experiences, and what it's like being different in a world where muscular built women are not the social norm to many!

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Female Muscle Phone Sex Roleplay!

Hey guys, so do you have roleplay fantasies with a muscular woman or female bodybuilder?

I absolutely love to roleplay! There's nothing like indulging yourself into a fantasy that sexually turns you on!

So what's your fantasy? I love being the muscular assistant/secretary at your office! All my big muscles stretching my blouse and skirt, turning you on and keeping you hard throughout the work day! so we gotta work late? hmmm... Or maybe I'm your boss?

Howabout me being the muscular school girl? Or maybe I'm your muscle packed teacher instead, who happens to be a female bodybuilder? here's a thought... "So you didn't do your homework?" you naughty boy you...

Howabout you are the UPS delivery guy? It's a hot and sunny day... Delivering me my supplements that I ordered. Imagine me answering the door, my body huge and pumped and glistening in sweat, my shirt so soaked and tight it's practically transparent, my nipples so thick and rock hard, they look like they are going to pierce the fabric! (if my muscles don't rip the shirt first!)

and of course, the classic FMG fantasy! Maybe I'm your assistant in the lab where you are working on a growth serum, and you need a test subject... Or you're my boyfriend and give me a new workout supplement that has amazing results! Or maybe I just have a secret ability to transform, so don't make me mad!

Roleplay fantasies are endless! so let's talk about your fantasy, call me and let's have some muscle fun!

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