Sunday, June 29, 2014

Talk Live with Female Bodybuilder Alana Snow

Have you called my sexy muscular girlfriend Alana Snow on MuscleGirlTalk yet? If not, let me introduce you to this sexy female muscle vixen...

First of all, age is just a number, and when it comes to hot, sexy mature female muscle, female bodybuilder Alana Snow proves that sex appeal and eroticism holds no boundaries or age limits.

A blonde, blue eyed female bodybuilding bombshell, bulging with muscular curves and gorgeous DD's, Alana makes younger women over half her age envy, jealous and embarrassed when they see her pumpin' iron at the gym, or when she struts her curvaceous musclebound hardbody on the beach in a bikini!

Remember your best friends mom growing up? Bet she didn't look like Alana! And if she did, you know this is the muscle MILF of your dreams! She's the ultimate cougar with a sex drive that's unmatched by most women in the world!

Talk Live with Sexy Female Bodybuilder Alana Snow

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Big Muscles, Big Tits and a Little Bikini

Just imagine being at the beach on a sunny hot Saturday afternoon in the middle of summer. The beach is packed full of people of all ages and body types, and while there are a lot of beautiful women on the beach, you're enjoying the scenery, but all of these "normal" women you see just don't do it for you. Deep down you wish the beach was packed full of women with sexy, tanned, huge muscles, female bodybuilders strutting their stuff in the skimpiest of bikinis.

While you are lost in a sea of normalcy on the beach, daydreaming of female bodybuilders, you overhear the beach goers around you who are people watching. You begin listening to your beach neighbors conversations as they are gasping, and you hear "oh my gods" coming from their mouths... Just then, you look in the direction they are staring... and as you do so, you see the vision of all your fantasies and sexual desires...

I'm walking down the beach, a massive, sexy, heavyweight female bodybuilder, all of my huge, sexy, tanned, pumped up, vein covered muscles glistening in the sun, only wearing a tiny thong bikini, the top barely covering and stretched over my massive upper body, hard nipples and big DD tits, while the bikini bottoms are lost between my enormous quads and bowling ball sized glutes..

What would you do? Call me on TalkToMe and tell me!

My sexy muscles and tits in a little bikini
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